May 6th, 2008


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Brothers And Sisters: I watch this show because it follows Desperate Housewives (which I used to like a lot more than I do now). B & S (note the meaningful initials!) is too much of a "soap" for my tastes. I used to tune in for the boykissing and the Rachel Griffiths character, because I cannot stand the Sally Fields and Calista Flockhart characters on this show. They're so neurotic, they give me stress. Now I’m down to the boykissing (Kevin, played by Matthew Rhys), because the Rachel Griffiths character's story arc bugs me now (probably the appearance of Steven Weber, whom I cannot stand). There's a younger druggie brother, who has every "baby of the family" issue known to man (which means my patience for him is limited). There's another brother whose name I never remember, because his story is "meh" and he looks like a watered-down version of Liev Schreiber. But the boykissing does not disappoint. Sunday's was loving and wonderful, and is in preparation for a new approach to a stock ratings ploy. (!)

If for some reason you haven't read Your Friends Are Not Watching the Same Show You Are (And That's Okay), I highly recommend it just as an interesting take on the idea that what we see in a show is in large part due to why we watch it in the first place. Our filters affect our perceptions, which is why I've been disappointed with the "Michael and Lincoln" show the last couple of years while viewers of the "Michael and Sara" show were mostly happy until early Season 3. And also why the "boy!Clark Kent" show faded off when it became the "Clark and Lana" show and then the "Lois Lane" show and now the "Supergirl" show. Oy.

Though I'll still love you no matter what, unless you start going on about Deal or No Deal being television genius. That might be the final straw. ;)