April 30th, 2008


What is it with Wednesdays?

Working at home again, and hoping to go cycling on the parkway. But NOOOOoooo— windstorm. Again. I swear, this happened just two weeks ago!

I stayed up late last night for the (perhaps) final round on my Sweet Charity beta-work. The author will probably post the story up in the next few days.

Today, I wrote a writing entry on Point-of-View (and posted it!). The entry on De-Britting Your American-Based Fanfic is written, but it needs LJ-formatting (because it includes a big table, among other things, and that's a pain in the ass to code).

Two nights ago, I dreamed I had a math test which included a section on Freudian dream interpretation (which is kind of circular, when you think about it). I was peeved that the professor hadn't announced that part, but really undone by taking a good crack at it and then running out of paper. After which there was no paper left on the accessible portion of the planet. Don't you hate that aspect of dreams? If it's not paper, it's clothing. Or pencils. Or whatever the dream is fixated on. :\

Off to the garage to bicycle in front of yet another boykissing movie...


On Writing: Narrative Point-of-View

Point-of-View (POV) is the framework from which an author tells a story. It's the narrative approach to the story, and comes in three forms: first-person ("I" or "we"), second-person ("you") and third-person ("John" or "He" or "They").

When using POV, the narrative is limited to the things that POV can experience. I.e., if you have second-person narrative, it cannot contain anything that someone else feels/sees/hears. The POV can observe the appearance of someone else feeling/seeing/hearing those things, but they cannot be told directly.

There are any number of excellent sources for POV (including this wikipedia article). However, while these often describe what POV is, they do not always discuss how to use it—or how to recognize when you've gotten into trouble and need to correct your mistakes.

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