April 29th, 2008


Tuesday is my Monday...

And I'm never quite ready to be back at work. :(

I planted a bunch of stuff in yard in the last couple of days. There's this tiny window in Sacramento between rainy and scorching each year, and you need to get your summer plants in now or it'll be too hot to plant them later. And hope a big fat windstorm doesn't dry them out and kill them in the next few weeks...

More schizophrenic weather: 61F last Monday, 91F on Saturday. Looking through the clothes hamper, I realized that I bicycled in both winter and summer clothes in the same week again! And with the sudden increase in temperature, you're not really acclimated yet. I had to stop for water on Saturday (because 40 oz. wasn't enough), and I didn't quite finish my run yesterday (overheated). But two months from now this weather will look like bliss! Anything under about 96F is bliss in a Sacramento summer.

I watched another boy-kissing movie awhile back, one which I don't recommend: Collapse )

Second boy-kissing movie- that I'm pretty sure I'm at least 95% through- is shaping up better. Will post when I finish it.

Rewatched a fair amount of Kate and Leopold because I like Hugh Jackman so much. Honestly, I would LOVE this movie if Meg Ryan weren't in it. Collapse )

Finished a couple of fics this weekend! One (PB) was posted, another awaits polishing. Still have super-sekrit stuff running the background, of course. ;)