April 16th, 2008

Diner Dean

Supernatural Gen Fiction: On The Strength Of False Promises

Title: On The Strength Of False Promises
Author: HalfshellVenus
Character: Dean (Gen)
Rating: PG
Summary: Dean struggles to accept what he can't change, even as reality shifts out from under his expectations.
Spoilers: Up through mid-Season 3.
Author's Notes: This combines the 60_minute_fics prompt of "Internal Monologue" (which I used in the form of a refrain) and my switch25 prompt of "Wrong."


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Oh, LJ, why so dead?

Much like my day...

Today's Plan: Work at home so I can bicycle on the parkway. \o/
Today's Reality: Rassa-frassa windstorm! *Gathers boy-kissing movie to bike in garage* *grump*

At the gym yesterday, I read tons of great articles in Runners magazine. Mostly about people running marathons and such, which I will never do, though an issue I read last week on "Running through the decades" featured the 85-year-old female marathon champ, who started running at age 79. It's a lesson for us all!

Random thought, also from gym: I hate the song Black Betty SO MUCH that it makes me feel homicidal. G.A.H.! It was evil enough the first time around-- why does it return?

The Jensen & Jared Twizzler incident is made of win. Not just for the cuteness, but also because we so rarely see that kind of humor from Jensen's side. :D**
**For those who missed it, there's a great screencap here, and the whole incident on non-spoilery video (a very informal CW interview with Jared) here.

Last night's Law and Order: SVU was incredible. They packed a lot of story into that hour, and I have to say that the actress playing the teenage girl in that episode was really good. Plus, my love of Ice-T never dies. And I'll bet you thought that episode was all about Mariska Hargitay, didn't you?