April 15th, 2008


The Taxman Cometh...

I spent far too much of the weekend doing battle with the Taxman. I'd thought I was going to have to file an extension because of missing W-2s from the state EDD (the agency that pays my husband Disability). Then I discovered that I can't file an extension in California— if I owe taxes, I have to make an estimated payment. Which means getting all the taxes done anyway to see if I DO owe.

I'd already checked the IRS website to see if the Disability payments were taxable. The answer seemed to be "Maybe. Probably yes." So, I assembled all the receipts from Disability and added those up, trying to figure out why the number of days paid did not match the expected salary (still no answer there).

I did, however, discover that the agency that distributes W-2s for California is— wait for it— the same agency that's paying the Disability! *headdesk*

Okay. Wrangled all my data to the ground (including daycare payment info— ALWAYS a major pain), ran it through TurboTax, am owed some money both state and federal, and am thisClose to being done except for the W-2. So rather than file a federal extension, I thought I'd get my husband to call EDD and ask them to fax the W-2. The woman he talked to said that the income isn't taxable by anyone. But... but... that's where I was two weeks ago! *grumbles like a grumbling thing* I see e-file in my future. Tonight.

I bicycled on Saturday (89F, and earlier last week I had on tights and an earband because it was 63F). I ran on Monday (66F with major wind, spent some time choking from an itchy throat). And I bordered on getting repetitive-stress-injury to my "strumming" wrist from Guitar Hero II! I'm on-tour on "Hard" now, and some of those songs ARE hard. Fast, lots of chords, and excessive use of the wimpy pinky finger. Plus, on "Hard" you can't skip the songs you don't like playing. :(

We saw Street Kings Saturday night (about 3 stars, great performances, very violent). And we're watching The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency via torrent thanks to thelana's pimpage. The main character is SO earnest and cute...

In fic news, I finally finished the crackFic I've been working on for gekizetsu's birthday. \o/ I have a Dean story to polish and a longer Sam/Dean still to finish, plus a secret-fandom thingy. But now it's time to sink my teeth into my beta-duties for awhile.


Happy Birthday recycledfaery!

I can confidently say that it's probably the 16th on your side of the world by now. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and that the coming year brings you all good things.

Including a clean, affordable place to rent. And soon! :)