March 28th, 2008


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*sigh* So, yesterday Prison Break decided to commit canon suicide, which was great news for Michael/Sara shippers and awful news for everyone else. I'm not going to knee-jerk over it, but I know where this is going to lead for me eventually, and I'm saddened. Prison Break was my first writing fandom, and it's never been the same after Season One. For those of you who are thrilled, I'm genuinely happy for you (I can see the level of excitement in your posts just from the snippets above the cut). I know last year was hard for you, and this probably seems a godsend.

For me, as with even short-term blips (like the unkillable T-Bag, or T&A all over SPN), I'm once again struck by how much I'd prefer my shows to figure out what story they want to tell and fundamentally stick to it. For me, Prison Break was the story of Lincoln and Michael, and the mystery of what could have led Michael to do something so audacious (and succeed!). It wasn't about whiplash-inducing plot twists or improbable romances or even necessarily prison (eyes Season 3's mass-coincidence lockup). It was about family, the strength of family even when that family is dysfunctional and its members so imperfect. That's the story that grabbed me.

Fortunately, I'm still watching it on Supernatural, with a slightly different flavor. But I've been feeling its loss on Prison Break since the end of Season One. :(


I may post thinkiness later about writing styles and sentence structure. Reading books out loud (for the kids' bedtimes) really highlights certain areas of awkwardness. I'm reading a story right now that I loved at around age 11, which is a landmine of narrative challenges that I didn't even notice at the time. But now? Hoo boy.

So, is EVERYBODY at Eyecon or whatever right now? *is so very, very envious*