March 27th, 2008


Bringing you a daily dose of random...

Christopher can be a little "weird" at times compared to other kids (his thoughts alone are unusual), but sometimes the weird happens TO him. Case in point: while playing on the beach at Santa Cruz, he found a lemon in the ocean. A lemon. Now, if you were 8, and you were going to bring show-and-tell stuff from your vacation to school... could you honestly resist bringing the lemon? :0

The Easter Bunny at our house (AKA, me) had a pretty good year, with the glaring exception of buying "spiced" jelly beans instead of the fruit ones. Why does anyone SELL the spiced ones? Gah! Orange is "clove" or something, and it's nasty. :(

We're in the middle of watching Big Eden at home, and though the main character is a gay man going back to his small town after his grandfather has a stroke... I had a minor moment of culture shock regarding exactly what a "small town" might constitute. This movie appears to include a one-room schoolhouse, and I know there are a few in the foothills around where I live, but still... I can't get it into my head that these exist in the middle of modern life!

Sam/Dean SPN folks: if there were a story you wanted to see someone write, what would it be? I'm always looking for ideas to kickstart the muse. Meanwhile, I'm still working away on the Sweet Charity story I owe the lovely and patient Debbie. :)

So, new Reaper tonight? I really, really get a kick out of Ray Wise in this show. Since I mainly remember him from "Twin Peaks"... who knew he could be so funny?