March 26th, 2008


Playing catchup (and a Meme)

I've been trying to catch up with my f-list for while I was gone, and I'm basically back in synch. So much easier when it's only a few days!

Santa Cruz was great-- beautiful weather, only a little chilly (which didn't stop the kids from going in the ocean again and again). Christopher was really sick the day we went and didn't even go to the beach, which was sad. He loves the beach. Looks like he got the same thing Lauren had a week earlier which we'd thought for awhile might be strep throat due to the pain and level of misery. He had fun the other two days, and Lauren loved the trip to pieces (except the hotel's false-advertising of "pool" which in fact is a spa, and that's the second time I've fallen for it. Gah!). Gorgeous area.

We were back in time for Easter (as we are every year, at least until the kids outgrow the Easter Bunny). The wonderful gatheringlight gave me some LJ Easter eggs for the occasion-- thank you! *big hugs and shared chocolate* And then there was lots of unpacking and yardwork. :0

I was tagged for a meme by boogirl13, so here goes:

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