March 17th, 2008


And Blogging To Do Before I Sleep

This weekend was acostilow's birthday-- yay! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you!

At home, there was painting (but no finishing), kids overnight at grandmother's (it's been YEARS) and thus a Chinese-food picnic in the living room with movies, and the viewing of The Martian Child and Becoming Jane. Really liked the former-- which I'd feared would become maudlin and/or predictable at some point but never did-- and the latter was nice. I always enjoy Anne Hathaway, and James McAvoy was very appealing. Now, how you cast a movie in which NONE of the Austen siblings or parents remotely resemble each other is beyond me. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of casting minor roles?

The kids had mini-basketball playoffs on Sunday. Collapse )

Mini pity-party: Wonder if I'd feel better if I just took spn_themes off my "watch" list? I keep seeing recs for categories of fics I've written but have never yet been mentioned for a single one of those, even in the comments. It gets depressing after awhile!

Random signs of adulthood (lines above to the contrary): I used to hate those rice-cracker Asian snacks when I was a kid (they always looked like they'd taste sweet, but didn't). Not only do I like them now, I'm marginally addicted to wasabi peas. :0

Blogstuffs for gatheringlight and lampshade_days and aeroport_art have not been forgotten...


Blogging Where I've Rarely Blogged Before...

This is the follow-up to that meme-thingy, where people offer topics for you to blog on that you otherwise likely would not.

For gatheringlight, who had entirely evil reasons for asking about this one, Collapse )

For lampshade_days, my thoughts on country music-- which you should totally skip if you are a fan of that genre Collapse )

For aeroport_art, Collapse )

So, more than any of you ever wanted to know, right? Although, no discussions of kids, biking, hedgehogs or household chores. ;)


Obligatory St. Paddy's Day post

Squeaking in under the wire with this pic, since I forgot it earlier. Perhaps too distracted by either tearing up the house for the kids (the work of the "leprechaun" who visits every year!) or... cleaning up afterward.

In any case...

There once was a hedgie most prickly
whose spines were all puffy and stickly.
His owners were batty
(see photo with hatty)
and they posed him in getups most sickly.

But not as sickly as those awful rhymes...