March 10th, 2008


With One Eye Open...

I love Daylight Savings Time, but I hate the shift over to it. Takes me about 1 1/2 weeks to adjust— wonder if morning people have it any easier?

Made minor inroads into a PB fic this weekend (need to finish ASAP, if it'll cooperate), did the usual family stuff. I made a few icons (my "supplies" are pretty terrible, but the Jensen pic above turned out pretty well). And I have Sam/Dean for particlesofgale that really needs to cooperate and make progress, though I guess the first thing I need help with is staying awake during my writing time. Maybe the time-change will help, eventually. *is probably nuts*

I peek at LJ-Toys info from time-to-time. Sometimes it dies altogether (0 hits for days when there are posts people have commented on), which I'll admit does not encourage me to go up to the paid membership! I do wish they'd screen out when you're looking at your own journal entries (comments replies, etc.). Because in the world of data-gathering, we call that "noise."

One thing I do wonder— maybe you all have answers, I don't know— is why people (especially on your friends-list) read fic entries but don't comment. When I don't comment, it's generally because some part of the story really didn't work for me, and I either bailed out or I couldn't find a way to comment on the rest. So when people don't comment (especially friends, and/or passing-through writers whose work I respect), I assume they didn't like the story. Is that generally true? If you don't comment, why not? I do know that there are some of you who are more like me, who virtually always comment. I personally cannot keep myself from commenting, so the flip side of this behavior is very foreign to me. The story in particular I'm thinking of here was the only Wincest non-drabble story I've written since Halloween, so this does tend to make me paranoid as to whether I've lost my writing touch.

Random warm and fuzzy: fiddleyoumust and lissa_bear have their own router, and for some reason it makes me happy every time I see that.

Minor guilt attack: one entry in the router column about 8 weeks ago was "xx.xx.xx via Dial-up" and I had a momentary spasm because I had just posted that Hedgehog picspam entry. Then I remembered I'd used an lj-cut. Whew!

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Tonight: New New Amsterdam! Really liking this show so far— both the premise (and its angsty side-effects) and the main actor.