February 19th, 2008


How I Survived The Weekend

Four days off are coming to a close, in which the kids were home the entire time and the grownups didn't even get out for a weekend date. I got in a bike ride Saturday (and argh— so did everyone else!) and again on Monday. The family went to the zoo Monday (crowded) because it was supposed to rain today (and did). Finally, this afternoon we sat the kids down with a movie so we could enjoy a little bedroom exercise of our own. And an hour later, my heart was still jacked up, so I biked in the garage instead of running the way I'd planned. Hoo, baby.

During said biking, I finished The Sum Of Us. This features a young Russell Crowe as a gay man living with his father (I'd seen one of the pix at green_queen's fabulous boykissing picspam). Because I hadn't read the summary, I was a little alarmed when the father suddenly spoke right to the camera. Ack! Cinemized stage play? Why, yes. But I survived. I did like the father very much, although good lord— he must scare off all of his son's dates with the sitting down and introducing himself and chatting away in the middle of everything. Repeatedly. It's like Debbie from QAF, except with less sense about boundaries! I'll bet you thought that wasn't possible. ;)

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Speaking of obsessions... does the keyboard's "Insert" key have any real value other than pissing people off who are aiming for "home" or "delete" and suddenly find themselves overwriting existing text?