February 5th, 2008


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I missed the first part of Sunday's House, M.D. because when the ads said "after the Super Bowl" I didn't think they meant right after the Super Bowl! I thought they meant at the next hour, like 8:00pm. I was upstairs reading to Christopher until then, hoping to distract him from the heartbreak of the Patriots losing the Super Bowl. Oh, the despair. He was too sad to even talk.

This House episode was one of the better ones I've seen in awhile. Collapse )

thelana asked where the writing's been these days. There was some beta work for the PBFE (really saps my creativity), and finishing my own personal story for that. I've also been trying to work up some longer SPN fic forever (all my porn turns angsty and thoughtful these days, which is NOT a help).

But recently? Packing up stuff for Christopher to go on a three-day field trip with his 3rd-grade class. I'm amazed his advanced learner class does this at age 8/9 (this trip is usually a 5-day outing for kids 3 years older). Lots of labels to iron onto clothes, little things to track down (many cribbed from my daughter's box of Girl Scout away-camp stuff I save \o/). I hope he does well away from us so long— he's more of a homebody than his sister. He plans to bring Baby Hedgie along right now. :)

Ooh— someone kindly alerted me that my random rec post yesterday made it onto the LJ Explore Entertainment section! When I went to browse for myself, I discovered that M. Night Shyamalan has another movie coming out this year. He's uneven at times, but I will be there nonetheless!