February 4th, 2008


Drive-by Recs!

These are more random than usual, but it's because such goodness cannot be contained in a single fandom! \o/

For SPN-lovers, there is the utter wrongness of girlmostlikely's response to a request for stories involving Dean and bunnies. Inappropriate for all audiences, and a total must-read!

For Prison Break, the lovely antychan made a long overdue Brokeback Prison video, featuring Lincoln and Michael and the tortured wrongness of their love. All the quotes and moments you'd expect to contribute to a project like that and then some— there's a full story arc into the finish.

There is also the wonderful Costume For Consanguinity (Michael/Lincoln, R-rated) that was written for me for the Prison Break Fic Exchange (the author is known only to me right now). The form, the substance, the arc of this story are just gorgeous. Go see for yourself! ♥

And... two lovely ladies whose Sam/Dean stories I adore are dabbling in an area that is really addictive for me. I don't find Bruce Willis all that attractive, but when slashed with Matt (the "Mac" half of the PC/Mac commercials) from Die Hard 4? Oh, hell yes! Follow the links to see what poisontaster and plutogirl10 have in store for you!

ETA: public service announcement: hard4brains for those interested in John/Matt