February 2nd, 2008


I Save All My Best Spams For You!

Seriously, I do! Whenever I get one like "inscrutable mice" or "Elvis alignment," I don't delete it until I've shared it with you. Do you remember my recent gripe about spam aimed at the wrong gender along with the fact that it's spam? For this week, I give you Make your lassie tremble in your arms, which assumes that I'm not only male but also apparently Scottish! \o/

Yesterday's Cycling: Gah! Hit the high-school dismissal time again— I seriously need to look up their schedule on the web or something. A solid 1/4 mile-plus of people trying to turn right across the lane I'm biking in— talk about nervewracking. The ride was reasonably comfortable otherwise, though when it was over I spent a loooong time in the shower. At one point, I couldn't tell whether the water was way too hot or way too cold— the ony sensation was "it stings."

Oz, Season Six: *sigh* They're killing my characters off left and right, and WTF over the maze on the floor of the basketball court? The only highlight this season is Christopher Meloni and his prison pants (OTP!), which, my god. That man has a fine, fine ass. Also, I find it criminal that someone as handsome as Granville Adams has no picture up at imdb.com.

No Country For Old Men: Saw this tonight, every bit as violent as people said but utterly fascinating. Lots of suspense and twists, and Josh Brolin did a great job in it (I found myself thinking several times that he reminds me of Jared— especially in one scene where he smiles). Both my husband and I have a weakness for Tommy Lee Jones, whom I loved as the sheriff in this movie. And I have writer's love for a dream the sheriff recounts, which has all these implications in it of being abandoned and unforgiven and yet offered loyalty. It was just so rich. The character doesn't see it, but the viewer does— very dense psychology in it. Now, the hard part about this movie? The people behind us brought their five-year-old son to it, and did not leave! *is angry* No amount of covering the boy's eyes can keep the sociopathy or the audible parts of the movie from seeping through. Jesus. You do not put a child in a poisonous setting like that just because you couldn't or didn't hire a babysitter! Augh.