February 1st, 2008

Sam & Dean Gen

Finally Made It To Friday! \o/

Oh, what a week. The Prison Break Fic Exchange always keeps me up late at night and gets me to work late in the mornings. There's always some beta-work I didn't plan to do, and that eats up even more time! However, all stories are now posted, and there are some really good ones. :)

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Lost: Dangit, I got so excited over the new Supernatural that I forgot the premier of "Lost" was happening at the same time! Worse yet, I spent time on Wednesday watching what was essentially a rehash but with really annoying text boxes underneath the scenes supposedly 'explaining' the action. And now I have a point of confusion: in last season's finale, Kate asks Jack why he's telling her something about Sawyer that's essentially good. I heard his response-- this week and last May-- as "Because I love him." Which made my slasher heart zing, and on the intellectual level was "Monkey wrench! Yes!" But the text box below had some blurb about "Jack and Kate lovers rejoice at this exchange. Though the Sawyer/Kate lovers are less happy." And I thought, "What? Jack didn't say he loved her. Did he? Because I heard it differently two times."

So what's the scoop?