January 25th, 2008


You know, I thought I'd at least have maybe hit Sam Winchester...

If I'd gotten Dean, that would have just been wrong. Because though I like the loyalty and family emphasis, I also know he's a player who sleeps around a lot, and I don't go for that type.

With these quizzes in general, don't you hate it when none of the answer choices is really you? For instance, how I dress? Had to pick tomboy, when the answer is actually "Casual," but the other close choice was "Casual but flirty." And no to the flirty part. Because otherwise, men stare at my chest all day. But maybe I dressed that way when I was single, so I should have picked that. *ponders* No, I tried just that one change, and I got "Jim" from "The Office."

And what I do post on my blog? Porn! And for my pasttimes, I had to pick "Sudoku" from the choices there, because neither "exercising" or going to the movies were among the choices. Can you imagine how exercise OR porn would skew the data? Whoo!

I saw Gregory House go by in the pictures, and I'm wondering how you'd get him. I don't recall "Sarcasm and misanthropy" being a choice in the "Personality traits of your ideal boyfriend" selection. ;)

Wish I know more about Chuck-- he got lost in the Monday night shuffle when I missed the first episode. Got a feeling I'll be DVDing that show this summer. ;)