January 24th, 2008


So, does anyone else ever...

...keep people on their f-list after they've disappeared, just in case they return? I still have stele3 on mine, and keep my fingers crossed that she'll change her mind. Today, though, I tried to Google missing bluesister, who took down her journal and disappeared over the summer. No luck there, and I finally admitted defeat and took her off my f-list just now. I still miss her, though, and wonder why she left. :(

New Office Road Hazard: Turkeys in the parking lot bothering each other. Yeesh, but they're big. They live onsite now, but their last parking lot appearance was over a year ago just days before Thanksgiving. May I say, that seemed... unwise at the time.

Catfights and flying fur: So much funnier in the abstract than the reality. And no, I'm not talking about SPN fandom (thought it's gotten cranky lately). No, I mean our actual little beasts, whose Cold War continues some 3 1/2 years later. They can usually be on the sofa at the same time now (a miracle!), and occasionally even touch, but most of the time... there's a lot of growling. And today, an actual fight that got them both kicked outdoors for awhile and necessitated unscheduled vacuuming. :(

Repeated phrases: What do you find yourself saying ALL the time? I mean out loud, not in your journal you silly person! This time of year, for me it's either Close the door OR (!) Get off the heating vent! Seriously, the whale-cat can form a hermetic seal over that thing, with all his splorch and his fur. :0

Tonight's SPN: Rewatch? Or skip? What would Dean do? It's his birthday, after all... Though I'd be more likely to do the opposite of Dean anyway. ;)

ETA: Ooh, it was "Fresh Blood." That one I'll always rewatch. \o/