January 23rd, 2008


Still Feels Like Tuesday

Since I work Tues-Fri, and Monday was a holiday, I had yesterday off. Which means I can't get my head around what day of the week it is now! I spent a ridiculous amount of time checking for mail on Sunday. ;)

Sadly, I did nothing of consequence yesterday except assemble chicken metaphors. I find it really hard these days to muster up energy and initiative a lot of the time. My meds need a little bit of tweaking.

However, I did pull out Guitar Hero II for the first time in ages. Collapse )

Email spam: Good heavens, the quantities of spams I get inviting me to "satisfy her like a real man" and the like is doubly aggravating-- spam AND it's addressed to the wrong gender. Grrr... Since about August, I've also been getting a lot of spam about knockoff watches. Oh, people-- they have no idea! My watches come from Target, and I kill and have to replace the faux-leather band about 3 times a year. That's the value I place on watches!

The Namesake: Finished this movie-- much more pathos in the second half than the first, and overall we really enjoyed it.

Wednesday Night TV: Seriously, did Vincent D'Onofrio EAT his way through the summer, or what? Now his bloated face is as big a distraction as his character's tics! And on the alternate L&O: CI... why must the Chris Noth character be continually paired with redheaded gals who look like they're twelve? The new one has an added disadvantage in that her voice is so nasal and high-pitched that I can't stand to listen to her talk. :\