January 2nd, 2008


Back, but not in black...

We're back from the family trip up north, and I'm creeping back online. (House still looks like a tornado hit it. That's what tearing off the day after Christmas will do to you).

It was a great visit with the family, and reasonably uneventful travel both directions. This time my brother— Mr. Lucky— got the worst of the weather, since he was bounded by his wife's work schedule both on the coming and going. SO... we left on a day with a snow forecast in Ashland/Medford, but before the big storm (got snowed on from Grant's Pass to Canyon Creek Summmit, which never happens), but nothing else. My brother was stuck on the Siskiyou Summit for 1 1/2 hours. And since Sunday was forecast for snow all the way down south and Monday not, we left early Monday while my brother was stuck with Sunday. His trip took some extra time and ours was slowed only by a frozen fog problem (!) for the first 30 miles. So much better than some years have been.

We ate too much (darn that pfefferneus house my sister brings!), exercised too little (my Dad avoided the community gym the entire time we were there, and I can't go unless he goes. Stupid rules), and I slept too much in the mushy bed that hurts my back. But lots of great catching up with the family.

I did virtually no writing. *sigh* My sister and her girls are in the habit now of staying up until midnight- one a.m. watching movies, which creates noise and distraction. And when they're visiting my parents, my whole family is jammed into one bedroom, so the privacy is gone!

We did play laser tag at a place very near my parents. Great prices, surprisingly good workout. I kind of hate the "return to base to recharge" requirement (never run into that before), but it does keep people from camping out at the opposing base and firing endlessly.

Surprise event? Hedgehog farm visit! My sister was transporting a male and female up to a friend in Portland for some cross-breeding, so we tagged along to see the hedgies. The local breeder had about 30 of them, and I got to hold two. Pictures later!

Was everybody good while I was gone?

And what a nice welcome back— thank you, pamalax for the wonderful New Year's LJ gift! ♥