December 20th, 2007


Thursday, but no new SPN

IF the show's on tonight in repeats, I'll tape the repeat. I lost a few episodes this season because I forgot that my shiny DVD-R machine defaults to copy over your stuff when there's a whole disc free. Boy is that ever a dumb feature. Hence, I lost a few of the early episodes this season.

French Vanilla Tea: I bought this on a whim because it sounded good, but... jury's still out. There's a fine line between delicious and excess, and this is leaning toward the latter. Someone at work french-vanillaed the office coffee on Tuesday, and that was not good. A little is fabulous! Full-strength is artificial-tasting and gross. The tea is on the borderline...

Dreamed about Reaper last night-- about discussing it, about watching a new episode of it. Also funny in dreams! But... less fabulous than my Sam/Dean and Jensen/Jared dreams, which are far too rare. Mmmmmm... J-squared. ♥

I'm behind on my spn_christmas stories, which just sit there and mock me. Also haven't wrapped any Santa gifts (they need special paper and have to remain hidden until Xmas Eve). The next few days are going to be a madhouse.

So, why not make it worse! First five people get a 100-word drabble of their choosing, so long as it's a fandom I can write it. :D *waits* *but is waiting at the gym, so back later*

ETA: Office carolling! And pretty darn good singing, too.

Gen PB brothers

Prison Break Gen Drabble: Undaunted Spirits

Title: Undaunted Spirits
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Michael and Lincoln (Kid!Fic, Gen)
Rating: G
Summary: For gretazreta, who wanted a pre-series Michael and Lincoln Christmas memory about making do. :)


"Do you think other people have Christmas trees, Lincoln?"

"I don't know. Not many in this neighborhood. And you know Mom works hard."

"I know."

Michael kneeled on the couch in front of the window, watching snow falling under the streetlights down below. "Maybe we could make a tree," he said quietly.


"Out of paper, or coat-hangers or something. You know."

Lincoln knew Michael, and it meant that Michael really, really wanted a tree. "Okay."

Crayons, construction paper and glue finally yielded something Michael approved of. "Here, on the wall. With the presents underneath."


Michael beamed. "It's perfect."

-------- fin --------