December 14th, 2007


Other Ramblings, Holiday and Otherwise

My email spam has moved from V1agra and amb13n and XXX movies to either a more prominent manhood (yeah, like I need that) or... watches. WTF, watches?

BUT every now and then there's a subject-line gem that makes me laugh. Current spam title winner: tossup between Elvis Alignment (so THAT's my problem-- I need my Elvis aligned!) and Bird Milk (because really, WTF again?).


We watched The Santa Clause 3 last weekend, because our daughter loves these movies and it was finally available at the video store. Not stellar entertainment, but the art director must have had a blast working on this thing. Santa' workshop, the toys/machines/exteriors, and Jack Frost's hair were all standouts. Here is a front-view still of Martin Short as Jack Frost, and the hair (and eyebrows!) are terrific. I'd show you a rear-view if I could, because the tapered-icicle sculpting on the back of his hair is even better. But I can't find a photo. :(


Lauren was singing parts of The Nutcracker this morning, because her school puts on a production every year where the teachers act out the story and the classes of various grades supply the music (Nutcracker melodies with invented lyrics). I really wanted to see this last year (because who wouldn't?), but was turned away at the school office:

Staff: No you can't see it-- there's hardly enough space for all the children's classes to be in the Multi-Purpose room as it is!
Translation: No, you can't watch the teachers being silly. And? Go away.