December 12th, 2007


Happy Birthday, poisontaster!

Erin, I hope you not only have a wonderful day today but that the coming year is outstanding for you.

You are owed, after how the last year went down. Hope all good things are coming to you this year, and continued enjoyment of good health for the first time in ages. ♥
SN Lovers

Supernatural Drabble: Until You Feel It

Title: Until You Feel It
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Sam and Dean (or Sam/Dean)
Rating: PG
Summary: poisontaster wanted a drabble with Dean being taken care of and "warmth." Happy Birthday!
Author's Note: (Season 3 hints) Also for 100_ghosts "Touch" prompt, because these all folded together liek whoa.


Dean's muscles ache, but the pain goes deeper. It's inside him, silent and stubborn, counting the days.

"Let me get your back," Sam says, swatting Dean's hands when he tries a token protest. The warmth of Sam's touch melts into him, the tightness letting go all the way down inside Dean's heart.

"Gonna take care of you." Sam means it, all of it, and Dean bites his own lip against his treacherous emotions. He wants to be freed, to be saved—loved— and he should be tougher but Sam finds his weakness every time.

"Okay," Dean whispers.

And it is.

-------- fin --------