December 11th, 2007


News From the 'Hood

I lost the final round of pbficsurvivor last night (by one vote!) to chanchito_z, a more than worthy opponent. Here's my banner of goodness:

Meanwhile, the "Stories I Never Wrote You" meme is still going on over here. If you haven't taken part, why not check it out?

Running: 35:22 time on 4 miles for Sunday! Whoo! \o/. There are more Xmas lights up than last week, though many are rather minimalist (especially compared to ours). Our daughter has apparently picked up some of our attitude on this (she didn't understand why it made us laugh, but the tone was hilarious):
Lauren: Some people barely try! They slap a string of lights on their house and think, "Hey, I'm done..."

Cycling yesterday: Holy Mother of Misery! Slightly underdressed for the temperature, to say the least. I hate this part of the year, when it edges colder daily and you can never be sure what to wear. Brrrrr...

Xmas prep: God, the errands. The "undoing other purchases" errands. The kids who drop new ideas on you after you think you're done! And why is it so hard to find a Toys For Tots drop-off barrel? You'd think it would be simple this time of year!

Tonight: Reaper Reaper Reaper! *Hammers into own head* Must not get distracted by House, M.D. Do you know, my Portland Seester does not get the CW channel? I consider this a tragedy, though only for two particular shows...

Books On Tape: My parents loaned me a record of Phillip Margolin's "Sleeping Beauty." I'm not sure I'll be able to stand it— Oswego was pronounce as "OsWAYgo" instead of "OsWEEgo," and one of the murder victims is a Tanya that the reader keeps calling "TANya" (as in, 'suntan') instead of "TAHNya." Boy, that grates. And then there's the descriptions of things that occur outside the POV, like the sound (!) of flesh being stabbed in the next room. SOUND? Are you nuts?

ETA for above: "WilLUHmet" for Willamette. It's wilLAMit, damnit! ARGHHHH!