December 4th, 2007


I've Got Your Demon Box Right Here...

Reaper is new tonight, and so help me I will record it. WILL. Because House, M.D. is a repeat, which doubles my chances of remembering.

Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for Round 6 of the Prison Break Fic Exchange. We've got a bunch of great authors so far, and if you were thinking about it the time to decide is pretty much here! Signups go in this post.

Lauren barely qualified for the school's Spelling Bee last week (i.e., did less poorly than the other 5th graders in her class). She's out of the running now, but even so I was really surprised. My husband keeps saying, "She's a good speller," but actually no: she does well on spelling tests, but then the word immediately falls out of her brain when the test is over! And worse, she does not suspect that she's misspelling words, so she doesn't go the extra mile to verify. I fear she might instead be afflicted with my Dad's spelling, which includes (as an adult!) "holliday." Seriously.

Lauren made a commemorative poster for Christopher last June following the Balloon Funeral for "Bob" the dead balloon (I know I posted about this, because it was one of the most WTF events ever. Christopher was in tears over a balloon for heaven's sake). The poster features bits of Bob (his "face"), and notes that it was "akxedently poped" by HalfshellHusband. I mentioned this to him:

HalfshellHusband: Yeah, I popped it. They really blame me for that.
Me: No, apparently you Poped it instead. And I'd like to know how that was possible!


приветствия, Priviet!

Like the weekend wasn't weird enough, now we've got a new era of LiveJournal. Possibly with new and improved censorship (seriously what was the mad rush to get that feature in?), since that's the way things seem to be heading. And lots and lots of ads.

Can anyone on JournalFen recommend me for an account? I've got one on InsaneJournal, but I want to cover all my bases just in case. *sighs*