November 27th, 2007


My Vacation...

... was spent working on the damn stripping/sanding/caulking/priming of the wood trim in that stupid back bathroom, and listening to the kids fight. NOT writing tons of fic, which is what I'd hoped to be doing. Basically, I am never alone in the house until after about 10pm, at which point I'm falling asleep at the keyboard. This is driving me nuts! :(

But I did catch this video: The Cat and the Hamster. The cat looks just like our whale-cat. And it is painfully obvious which animal rules the relationship in that video! :0

Prison Break Slash Awards voting is now open! I have tons to read now, clearly (oh, the tragedy), but if you've done your reading and know how you want to vote, then read the information here.

Football: The U of O Ducks have plummeted, thanks to the star quarterback's season-ending injury two games back and the second-string getting injured last weekend. From #2 to eventually out of the Top 25. *sigh* They were looking so good there for so long.

Did you know that football apparently has to be an interactive sport? As in, If a play finishes and no-one yells at the referee, did it actually happen? This is where too much John Madden '07 leads for Christopher: "Personal foul! Face mask! Yes-- they called it! * Offsides! No, you idiot-- you missed it! * Auuuugh-- holding! It was holding!"

HalfshellHusband is cutting Christopher off from football next weekend if he can't watch the games without running and jumping all over the living room and yelling. God, there is always the yelling when it comes to Christopher...