November 23rd, 2007


Prison Break Fic Exchange Signups Open!

Signups are open for Round 6 of the Prison Break Fic Exchange. Details are here, with stories due back Jan. 27. Check it out!

I've been up late night after night, creeping through a few words at a time for mini_wrimo. I never have alone time to write during the day anymore, and I'm always falling asleep at night. So I doze off, and come to later than I want to be up. I've been off this past week, getting only work around the house done and nothing else I wanted to. And listening to the kids carp at each other the last few days. :(

However, my late nights have one advantage: Craig Ferguson is a total loon, now I wonder why he can't be a loon about an hour earlier so I can watch him more often? I'd trade him for Letterman, truly.