November 21st, 2007


Happy Birthday, witchofthedogs!

I met the wonderful witchofthedogs through her incredible Supernatural writing, and I stayed for her thoughtfulness and her insightful views on life and the world at large.

Witchy, even if today and tomorrow are not the days you'd wish, you're headed onto new and better things, and you've grown in many important ways this last year. The signs were on the horizon a year ago, but I think you've accomplished many important things this year, and I know that more still are coming.

The long road waits for you, and it has nothing but a better future to offer. May you find it and make it yours.

Many hugs, much love, and all good things to come. ♥

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving! Or as it's known in other countries... Wednesday

I'm at home this week, mostly trying to get the molding/door in the back bathroom finished. Won't make it before guests tomorrow, obviously, but the paint is now OFF the molding, I've done as much sanding as possible (geez, what a mess), and I'm ready to caulk/putty and then prime. It's taken forever to get the paint off this stupid vintage molding (which is why we didn't just replace it-- newer moldings will not fit the same space).

Gah, what a job! This is all because some idiot put latex paint over oil years ago, without using primer first! And the bottom layer on the outside of the door... god knows what that was. I suspect oil, but it was gummy and tenacious, and it smelled like "swamp" (*hopes it wasn't lead*)

Guests tomorrow (just a few-- my brother's mother-in-law can't travel anymore, so his family can't come unfortunately). Today is cooking and cleaning, and I really didn't help with that last part at all, did I?

For your viewing pleasure: Chipmunk Fishing. I'm pretty sure this is a golden-mantled ground squirrel and not a chipmunk, but still. Half of me wants to go, "Wrong! Wrongness and irresponsibility!" The other half wants to blame the victim: "If they weren't so darn cute, people wouldn't be tempted to do these things."

Last night was House, M.D. which means... that I forgot to record Reaper again! Fortunately, it appears to have been a repeat. I'm getting all my missed eps via Torrent, thanks to info from Heather. ♥

Probably going to fire up another round of the Prison Break Fic Exchange imminently, since people are growing impatient. I'll need help with the finish, but I can at least start the signups. Keep a lookout!

Christopher just got back from playing with a friend I'll call "Bob," a great kid whom he adored and then stopped playing with in the space of about 2 months last year. We kept asking why, and finally got, "He's blocking my life-path!" ! The weird thing here is, Christopher knows what he's saying when he makes those kinds of proclamations. So what life-path did he think he had at age 7, and how could another 7-year-old have been blocking it? Living with Christopher is like an eternal pondering of the imponderables.