October 31st, 2007



Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you and yours are having a wonderful day, filled with costumes and candy. And if you didn't see THIS picture when I posted it last week, you should all run over and peek. :D

Pumpkin Earrings: I had to take these off mid-day yesterday at work, because one of them was making my ear itch fiercely. :( Will resurrect them for taking the kids out trick-or-treating tonight, though!

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Ficcage: I finished my spn_halloween story yesterday, a pornSnark extravaganza! I think the Prison Break ficlet isn't going to happen, because I've got another story due for pbficsurvivor by Saturday a.m., and it's a workday.

Also... not doing the stalker meme in any way, shape or form because of lack of time (see ficlist and holiday ramblings above). So if you didn't hear from me, you'll know why...

ETA: Crap! Can I FOR ONCE not get so excited about House, M.D. being on that I forget to record Reaper? Criminy-- we'll be 3/6 now on episodes we've actually seen. *flogs self*

*whispers* Caramel-apple candy corn... you know you want some. ;)