October 19th, 2007


Birthday Thanks!

I've gotten some lovely wishes and presents from so many of you. :D

Cupcakes from tuesdaeschild, wendy, lampshade_days and girlmostlikely. Thank you so much! Mmmmm, cupcakes-- I so love them. :) Especially the kind that won't add 10 pounds from loving them too much! I totally have them on the brain right now. :0

A party hat from the wonderful particlesofgale-- thank you, Debbie!

A pile of presents from lissa_bear! ♥

And deadbeat_nymph has obviously taken to heart my serious issues with Candy Corn addition! Whoo! :D


I've got some stories to point you to now.

The cracktastic Candy Corn Is Of The Devil by unhobbityhobbit. \o/

The Sam/Dean kiss-laden Cotton Up That Candy by pheebs1. *smooches*

A Michael/Lincoln story with slashiness and twinges of angst: Surrender by happywriter06. *flails*

moveablehistory wrote me J-squared porn, and it's right over here (please, you know you want to click!). Thank you so much, Gisela! You know how I love this pairing.

miss_begonia wrote me J-squared smex, with costume fun right here. I guarantee you, some of the lines will take your breath away with the sense of need they convey. :)


katipl made me three gorgeous banners for my Round 2 awards from the Prison Break Fanfic awards-- see her link below. I've already used these for my PB Slash fic page and for the two fics in question. I did get banners for those awards way back when, but the Slash one featured Lincoln and LJ (!!!!), and the "Icicle Palace" didn't fit the story at all. These new ones by Katie are just perfection-- they go with the stories, and they're beautiful to look at. *dies of the happy*

Some more ficlets may be coming over the weekend, and I'll come back and update this post when they do. Watch this space!


Multi-fandom Fic Recs!

I am feeling just that random that I thought I'd rec a couple of stories I mentioned to others at Wincon and elsewhere. Random being the key word here...

Scrubs: My Janitor, a JD/Janitor slash story I found on fanfic.net. The first chapter is a tad rough, but the story is hilarious overall. You know those whacked-out thoughts JD always has, the kind of thing that would make him a challenge for me to write? This author pegs them quite well. ;)

Lawrence After Arabia: Moth To The Flame, Lawrence/Feisal slash erotica. This is not the movie with Peter O'Toole-- this is the BBC production with Ralph Fiennes and Alexander Siddig, and the chemistry between them comes off as a kind of longing that really lends itself to this story. This is one of the first stories I read that was truly "erotica" and not simply porn, and the execution is gorgeous. In addition, the research into the politics and geography of the setting really pay off.

House, M.D.: House And Homeboy, a Foreman story at fanfic.net. I really wish people would take more care with their typos and such, but I'm recc'ing this story anyway because it's fun and Foreman is definitely himself here and House is just as evil as you'd expect.