October 18th, 2007

Sam & Dean Gen

The Countdown begins...

I know all the rest of you are waiting for the new Supernatural episode tonight. Whoo! I'm hoping there's more SamAndDean in it, and less assy!Dean and siloedSam. More brotherly love, fewer hamburgers and random catting around.

BUT... my personal countdown is one more day until 44. Yipes! I can't believe I'll be entering my mid-forties tomorrow. Where does the time go? Also, I want good things out of this year, because my math-freak side says "multiple of 11" should mean something good.


The Halloween decorations are not entirely up yet. I got waylaid by Wincon (yay Wincon!), but also (do not laugh) I have to de-spider my porch before I can put up my decorations. Ironically, the decorations happen to include fake spiders.

Sacramento's spiders make me nuts. There are tons of different kinds (Black Widow, anyone?), but I really hate the ones that make "froth." You can vacuum the web AND the spiders, and in a few weeks the mess is back. I'm also afraid of my porch light, which is a major habitat. I cleaned it once, wearing rubber gloves (huge brown spider in there) and holding the shop-vac. But they always come back...