October 10th, 2007


The Mope and The Tube

Still a tad grumpy about the fallout of the Prison Break Fanfic Awards. The state of the fandom (pre Monday's big blowup) has apparently migrated to the near point of

If a story falls in the fandom, and the author writes no Michal/Sara, does it make a sound?


So in and among the weekend flailing over deadlines and some moping about the awards, I made pants for a Pez dispenser (and that will never stop sounding wrong), looked at some sofas (if you know how much I hate brown/tan and chunky, you can probably guess how well that went), and did not get around to making fake suspenders for Christopher's pioneer field trip until last night.

Fake-suspender-sewing means that I got distracted and forgot to record Reaper while I was watching House. Aaaaaaugh! Anyone know where I can get a download?

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I've seen and loved two major new shows this season-- Reaper and Pushing Daisies. I so love the twisted and offbeat. I've missed "Chuck" already for various reasons, and I thought I had "Aliens In America" available to watch, but no. In fact, I learned a valuable thing about my DVD player last week, which is in fact a software bug. :0

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Minor weirdness on the home front: my son has taken to hunching over and covering his knees with his shirt, and calling himself the Human Ball. In the car a few weeks ago, his father said something that prompted this response:
Christopher: The Human Ball is offended.

Me: Once you start calling yourself The Human Ball, you pretty much lose any right to be offended over anything.