October 7th, 2007


Nays and Yays

The winners were announced for Round 3 of the Prison Break Fanfic Awards, and despite lots of wonderful nominations I actually didn't win any awards . *cries*

Congrats to those who did win-- several on my Friends List did very well, particularly gatheringlight and deadbeat_nymph. I'm also pleased-- for whatever reason-- at how many of the winning entries were originally written for one of the various rounds of the Prison Break Fic Exchange. That just reinforces the impression that sometimes writers outdo themselves writing for that challenge.

Yesterday feature three things due by 12 Noon, and I made the deadline on all three! Touch and go on the way, though.

The brownies for the school's Halloween Carnival bakesale were the simplest, though I was worried for awhile because I tragically overloaded the pan with batter. They ballooned up to cake height in the oven! Fortunately, they settled down in the cooling stage. It's the packaging them up to sell faster that takes the time.

The second was the weekly story for pbficsurvivor, where I didn't get the draft done until Midnight on Friday. It was a sleepy week during the late hours, and Friday itself turned into a disaster for several reasons. Plus, creativity does not always come on demand-- and sometimes I wish it would budge a little sooner. Fortunately, that one made the deadline.

And the last...Collapse )

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Today, the kids are with an aunt and uncle (whoo! First time!), and we're going to look at sofas today. Urg. There's a lot of leather out there, which we will NOT be buying...