October 4th, 2007


Happy Birthday, dawnstarrising!

Today is the birthday of the always lovely in mood and spirit dawnstarrising. Dawn came to me via my Michael/Lincoln stories, and then I lured her into Supernatural. Mwah-ha-ha!

I hope you're having a wonderful birthday today, preferrably a gorgeous fall-colored one and not a rainy one. October birthday girls unite! *hugs* :)
Sam & Dean Gen

Supernatural Thursday finally!!! \o/

Supernatural premiere tonight! *stays strong* *resists available i-tunes download*

Looking forward to seeing where all this goes, and hoping for a season of love (brotherly love, not OFC love), spookiness, and (please, Kripke?) at least one zombie. Whoo!

And because winchestercon is coming up next week, I have a POLL:

Collapse )

Hold me! *wibbles*