September 25th, 2007


The Randomness of Me...

In a turn of events that still amazes me, I got more immediate readers for this SPN slash erotica story than for the epic Wincest angsty-romance I posted last week. And here I was worried that people would find the erotica story far too explicit! Clearly, I never know what people are thinking.

Saturday was soccer, removing more paint, and biking in the garage owing to rain. I chewed through 3 episodes of Season 1 "Queer as Folk" (are they getting shorter?), and I still don't like Justin. Probably not a popular opinion, but I just don't.

Sunday was my sister-in-law's wedding reception out of town. That took up the whole day, with 2 hours of driving each way, but well worth it. During the bouquet toss, my daughter hid in the bathroom (an excellent solution, in my book!). During the garter toss, my son was the first one up and my husband bet that Christopher would get it. "Seriously?" I said. "Oh, wait—it's a competitive event. Of course he will." And he did—not that an 8-year-old has a lot of use for that, but whatever. I explained to my daughter that we didn't do any of that at our wedding, which she seemed to think was a fabulous choice.

Christopher then led the dancing with his odd variety of isolated dance steps, in random sequence. The Charleston (knees only). The Frug. The Robot. Churn The Butter. The Egyptian. Deep-sea Diving. Spastic flopping around on the belly The Worm. There was also something he invented that was a combo of an arabesque, a hurdle-stretch, and hopping on one leg. Seriously, that boy has no problems with being self-conscious! Much fun to watch, though he did not get that personality from either of his parents. :0

Sunday night: another stupid cold! My throat is killing me.

Oh, and Sweet Charity update is ??? The server glitched badly during the final bidding, so the outcome is still pending. Might be more bidding, or they might quit with what they've got. I'm thrilled with my current fic owner (saw some lovely names fly by), and several fabulous and familiar people passed through the beta-services bidding, but I'm currently owned by "Jimmy" and I don't know who that is.

I also booked my plane tickets for winchestercon! Getting pretty excited about it. :D