September 21st, 2007


Sweet Charity Bidding Ends Today-ish (Self-Pimping-- now with detail!)

The Sweet Charity bidding deadline is 11:59pm Sept. 22 on GMT, and for US folks that's sometime today as near as I can tell.

I'm still going for cheap right now: $16.26 on Fiction, and $18.27 on Beta Services.

The fic services are for Supernatural or Prison Break (though I might be persuaded to write J-squared RPS, if you're insistent and you have prompts).

Here are some examples of what this could be for you!

For Wincest, I'm known for my the epic longer stories (just posted the prior Sweet Charity fic here, an angsty, sexy romance, 6000 words), and also for PWP smut and schmoop. Or on the other end of the spectrum, there's Wincest Pirate Crackfic too. ;)
For Gen, I've done lots of different things. Longer adventures, drama/angst (Dean is my specialty), humor, crackfic, wee!chesterfic, and even drabble arcs. Looking at the shorter stories, there's still a lot of punch packed into those.

Prison Break:
I can write almost any character for this series, and can do Michael/Lincoln as angst, smut, erotica, romance, or combinations thereof. I've got a boatload of Gen works, including drama and the occasional crack. I've also written Het, and might be able to write that if you can find a pairing that works for me (not Michael/Sara or Lincoln/Jane).

I don't gravitate toward the dark stories, but I can definitely write them: tortured Michael/Lincoln, angst-laden non-con Wincest for instance.

And then there are pieces that are unique to the fandom, such as this Supernatural Gen story/ode.

If you want it, I'll bet I can write it. Give me a try! :)