September 19th, 2007


Random Things...

RL has been kicking my butt in the last week, and I've been feeling kind of negative, so I'll try to throw out some good.

Yesterday I had off as a comp day, and my solution to stress eventually was to get out the heat gun and start taking ancient paint off the wood trim around the back bathroom door. Oh, peoples... The reason for this is that it's one of many places where some frackety-frack painted latex over oil without primer, and so the top layers of paint peel off unpredictably. And because the house is from 1951, my solution of removing and replacing the trim does not work because they don't make this size of molding anymore!

Hence the heat gun. I always manage to get at least one burn (my hand eventually slips while I'm scraping), but I've made a dent in the job. There was a scorchy smell around the house for awhile, but it's gone. Let's hope one of those bottom layers isn't lead paint. It's like an archaeological excavation, removing this stuff.

I now have Gravenstein apples, and I've hidden my horde in the fridge from careless thieves. After last week's endless training class, I stopped off at Bel Air for a few things and remember that it was Gravenstein season! I get about a three-week window to buy these every year, only from Bel Air. I'll probably go back again, and then I'll have an entire refrigerator drawer filled with them that will slowly disappear over the next two months.

Sweet Charity: bidding ends this week (Friday-ish, because it's on GMT time), and I'm still affordable! I have both fic beta and fic writing services up for bid, and right now the beta offer is still leading. Anonymous trumped tsukinobara on the fic bids, and I always wonder who anonymous is. ;)

Should be posting my previous Sweet Charity fic any day now, because it's DONE. Yay! Next time absolutely will not take this long (because *shakes fist at gods* there will be prompts and I WILL have the house to myself sometime other than late at night).

I'm presently also preparing some personal picSpams for your dubious pleasure...