September 7th, 2007

Sam & Dean Gen

A Tiny Toe In the Dark Side...

I finally got a chance to read destina's incredible Night Country last week, and it set me off in search of other John/Dean stories. That pairing really isn't my thing, but I was in the mood.

Hence, some John/Dean recs! Though you know, if you're looking for smut or John and Dean picking out curtains, then these are not the recs for you. Because...

Caveats: Although I love Sam/Dean (and some other brothercest fandoms pairings) like breathing, I have serious trouble with parent/child incest. I don't think that situation can ever be truly consensual because of the power dynamics inherent in the relationship. Or if it IS consensual... then both parties are seriously f***ed up.

As a result, I tend to go for the angsty John/Dean stories. Here below is a collection of marvelous and intriguing AU John/Dean stories-- and I do mean AU, some of them more obviously so (because they're based on scenes we know but have taken off in a direction that didn't happen in canon, or because certain people or no longer living or what-have-you). The others are AU to me, because although I really don't consider John Winchester a good father (sorry, John fans!), I also don't believe the reality of John could ever bring him to have sex with his children.

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New slogan

You know that thing where wank kicks up on LJ, and I'm always finding out about it too late? People will be going, "I cannot BELIEVE so-and-so said that!" and I'll be all, "Whaty-what?"

I realized today that this could be a selling point! HalfshellVenus: kerfluffle-free since 2005!

This has a much better spin that the more obvious way of looking at things, which is "Whee! I never know what's going on! Happy-happy place..."

I was up until midnight battling builds over a remote connection, but couldn't get things in a state to check in. This will happen tonight. This morning was me battling a cold that came on late yesterday, and the usual work-at-home problem, which is "For the love of GOD, could the office router please stop kicking me off!"

The cold is almost a relief, since it explains my short-temperedness in a Design Review yesterday. One of my colleagues IS very trying-- he kicks up crap that is typically out of the scope (or a larger unresolved problem), and tries to assign it as work to the poor person who's hosting an attempt to get resolution on something else! Grrrrr.... thank god it wasn't MY design being reviewed.

Next week is an eternal 9-5 training class, which I'm dreading. First, I get bored easily. Second, there's the exercise problem-- without major exercise, I gain weight very easily, and a whole week is a LOT of restriction. Plus, there's also the falling-asleep-in-the-afternoon problem when I don't get major exercise at lunchtime. And then there are the chairs... Unless someone has revamped what used to be in our conference rooms, I have about a 90-minute window in those things before they seriously start to hurt me. So *fingers crossed* please let next week not be day after day of me wandering around the back of the conference room slapping myself in the face to stay away. Gah!

My daughter's slumber party is tomorrow, and so I'm baking cake today and also trying to finish bulk painting in that back bathroom (the pool bathroom) so I can take up the papers/drop-cloths. Kind of nervous about the second coat of paint, because I have trouble seeing where I've already been...