September 5th, 2007

Sam & Dean Gen

Supernatural Gen Drabble: Back In The Saddle

Title: Back In The Saddle
Author: HalfshellVenus
Character: Sam (Gen)
Rating: PG
Summary: Hating it— running away from it— doesn't mean you forget.
Author's Notes: Spoilers for the Pilot. Drabble on "Like riding a bike" for 100_ghosts.


In four years, Sam hasn't been in a car longer than six hours, tops—no more traveling state-to-state. Now he's driving a dark highway, chasing Dad's last case. It's the only lead they've got.

When a woman in white suddenly appears in the back, he doesn't scream or drive off the road. He was expecting her, though he hasn't met her kind before.

Her persuasion turns to bitter accusations, becoming threats as he plows the car into the side of her one-time home.

Dean's pissed, but this is how it's done. Back to the beginning is where it always ends.

-------- fin --------


What Is And What Was Supposed To Be

So the 4-day weekend is over, and the matchup between plans vs. actual was vague, as usual.

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Sunday and Monday were eaten up with little things, including bicycling (gah-- being on the bike path on a federal holiday is SO frustrating. The cluelessness abounds). BUT, the rug that needed trimming down to fit the dining room came back Friday, so we did get our dining room put back together and I can get into the sunroom again! Our photos have been held hostage in there since January (can't even remember where I am in printing off and putting in the photo books), and getting at movies/books has been a hassle. Eight. Months. :0

I didn't get to painting the back bathroom until about 5pm yesterday-- whipped through the prep for "spatter proofing," and then set to work on the bulk painting. By nearly 7pm, I had virtually all of the first coat on (other than the tricky area around the toilet, which will require removing the tank) thanks to the handy-dandy paint tool that is probably some K-Tel/Ronco product but really works. It's a rectangular plastic-mounted pad, and it really does get good coverage fairly quickly. Wow!

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Not biking today because... stupid rassa-frassa forest fire somewhere has blanketed the Valley with absolute crap. Now the smell is leaking into the building. Headache in the future, I'll bet. :(