August 20th, 2007


Back for real...

We got back from the big vacation last Wednesday, but had two days of birthday shopping party/invitation planning/mailing before going off camping for the weekend. I lurked a tiny bit, but mainly... not ready for prime time.

Reminder for the Prison Break Fanfic Awards: the nominations were extended through this Wednesday, 8/22, due to a system glitch. So if you haven't done your nominations yet (like me!), please do so, especially for the categories you know and love. Here's what's available (and you don't have to do them all): Collapse )


Okay, onto the vacation ramblings (because I know you live for my blather). Collapse )

I'll be posting up some drabbles, etc. soon, and I also need a quick beta of a drabble set (light Wincest) for the next Hell Quarterly edition. Betas are required, even though I rarely use them, so this is a formality more than anything. But I'd be grateful for a hand if someone wants to put their stamp of approval on them!

Anything important happen while I was gone, other that birthdays through the roof? I tried to peek back through my f-list, but it got to be too much. :(