July 21st, 2007



Dear Microsoft: yesterday I discovered Spider Solitaire under the "Games" folder on my PC. Oh, doom. Why do you offer these addictive, repetitive problem-solving games? *click-click-click*

Dear Whale who lives in my house: There's a poem which I'm sure you're unaware of, that begins The fog comes in on little cat feet. The poem does not go, The fog comes in like thud-thud-thud. Also? When you lie down and roll over, there should not be a noise associated with that! I realize that you're ginormous and all, but you've forgotten how to be a cat. Do your homework. :0

^^And this pose? Not dignified.

Dear Dead Like Me on DVD: *sigh* It was fun while it lasted. Wish you'd gone a few more seasons, but what you had was gold. Although I really wanted to hit George's parents during most of Season 2 for their sheer incompetence, but that's another story.

Dear creators of Hoodwinked: I don't know who you two are, but this movie is still hilarious the second time around, and your songs aren't half bad either. What were you smoking, anyway, when you wrote that singing goat scene? That one's my favorite.