July 17th, 2007


Where Has Halfshell Been?

On vacation, as it turns out. I had last week off-- a mixture of my usual day with the kids, a chore day, and three days with my husband. I didn't LJ much, though, and I've felt pretty AWOL!

On the other hand, LJ's been pretty quiet. You people are vacationing too, I can tell! ;)

Over the time off, I
Painted-- pro-painter cleanup/followup, and ^(*$&!! two coats of oil-based paint on the shower/regular ceiling in the back bathroom. I hate painting ceilings, and I hate oil paint more, because you have to be so careful. It was incredibly hot, smelly work, and hard on the neck. But now done. \o/ Onto the walls, and I've settled on the exact color!
Cycled-- on several hot windy days (but it would have been hotter otherwise-- that's the Sacramento compromise).
Ran-- twice, both days under 93F degrees (the only time in the last 9 weeks)! Muggy and exhausting the first time, but I went 1/2 mile over last night. Yay!
Antiqued-- and bought nothing, but enjoyed the looking. Except for the Mantiques (rusty barn parts, hardware, etc.) Not as many antique stores in Folsom now-- several are now restaurants.
Movied-- we did NOT see "Die Hard 3" after all, thanks to a bad newspaper listing. However, we DID see You Kill Me (thank god for Ben Kingsley and the weirdness of Tea Leoni, or that movie would have been much too dry) and Harry Potter, Order of the Pheonix (good, incredibly dark and moody, lots of broken glass, and I missed many of the regulars. Plus everyone has grown taller than Daniel Radcliffe for the moment, poor guy).
Videod-- watched Woody Allen's Scoop ONLY for the cast, because I love Hugh Jackman. I've been pretty much done with Woody since the Soon Yi Previn thing, and independent of that I think many of his movies afterward have been fairly dreadful. This one... too much neurotic-Woody, too little Hugh, and a very odd stage-convention that didn't work particularly well.

In the not-vacation world, I finished only one story for the SPN super_summer, thanks to spending far too much time on this round of the PB Fic Exchange and also because the other story I tried to write (the one I'd been planning to write for weeks, even) never went the way I wanted it to. Loved the idea but hated the execution. :( Sorry, Sarge.

I also shipped my oldest daughter off to Girl Scout camp for the week yesterday (she so loves going there), and then spent the day with my son at a terrific local wading pool where he's now outgrown the size limits. We'd already made plans for that to be his last trip. He had a wonderful time and really milked that final experience for all it was worth. Plus, I got to see him interact sweetly with younger children, and since he's the baby of our family I don't have that experience much. :)

How's everyone else? Looks like bluesister still isn't back. :(

Gen PB brothers

Prison Break Pimpage...

So first of all, does everyone know that a new round of the Prison Break Fanfic Awards has started up?

Lots of different rules this time, so be sure you read the post. Only the 8 most-nominated stories from any category will move forward, so I suspect many of us will fall right out of the picture-- that seems to me to make it more of a popularity contest than anything. Hope I'm wrong. :(

Since you can only submit ONE nomination form, you'll need to have all your target stories ready, so I suggest bookmarking the spot and delaying a little because...

~~~~~> the Prison Break Fic Exchange will post up the author reveal from this last round on Thursday, and then we need time for people to post their stories up under their own names at prisonbreakfic.net. *koff* Please don't make me email you and nag you to post your story at the website for this exact reason, this time around. *koff*

If you haven't checked out the offerings for Round Five of the PB Fic Exchange, I encourage you to do so. There's a lot of variety-- Gen for several different characters, Michael/Sara, Michael/Lincoln, Lincoln/Sara (3-5 of these!), Michael/Mahone. There's angst, drama, schmoop, humor and AU. Try it, you'll like it!

And then you can go to the Guessing Post and try to ID the authors before the reveal. If I didn't have the super-secret decoder ring, I doubt I'd get more than one or two of them myself!