June 20th, 2007


New Vocabulary Needed

Yesterday's cycling: Gah! More clueless people alllll the way across the bike path (i.e., people who don't realize that it's a two-way path). Apparently I need to learn these phrases in other languages:
Keep right and/or Right side only!
Yesterday's target language would have been Ukrainian or Russian (can't tell the difference, but it's probably the former based on local immigration patterns). Also need Spanish as language #2. For the other offenders... a variety of Asian tongues, most likely Laos or Hmong, but who can tell? The Ukrainians/Russians are usually kids/teenagers, and usually chatty, so they're easier to identify. Ppls, it's a bike path-- not a sidewalk or a parking lot or your driveway.

German spam: As of a week ago, I'm now receiving German spam on top of my regularly scheduled "AmbiYen" and "V1@gra" and the usual crap. Wer wagt mehr? Well actually, I'd like less, thank you very much.

Prison Break: *whispers* I'm skimming through late S1 episodes in hopes of finishing "Always," because I've had some recent visitors to my Michael/Lincoln fic, and I really, really want to finish that arc. I hate stalled-out WIPs as much as the next person! Been doing a little more secret writing in that fandom, and the PBFE deadline for fics due comes up July 1, so I'm working on that too.

Supernatural: Must compile data, such as it is, from last week's poll and get thinky about that. Watch this space...