June 14th, 2007


Summer has arrived... to our dismay

Yesterday's biking: OMG_BBQ! That was awful-- I stopped off at an unknown park 4 miles from office at the end of the ride, because I was nearly out of water and what I had was hot. Yick. Had to battle middle-schoolers for the drinking fountain. Riding temp was about 98F. Currently, at 9:30 am today... 87F. I'm going to the gym.

Tooth Fairy Travails: My daughter announced when I got home yesterday that she'd lost a tooth-- one I didn't know was loose! (she's nearly 10). We have no Tooth Fairy gifts in reserve for her because her losing teeth has slowed down, so my husband kindly made an emergency store trip once she was in bed. *Whew*

The Fisher-Price Dollhouse: This has been living in my son's (!) room for about a year now, as a place to store his tiniest stuffed animals (Don't ask. There are tons, and they all have names, so I can't pare down). I noticed last week that the residents have shifted over into what my kids call "Fuzzies"-- little animals that Claire's (a mall store) sells that are actually keychain decorations. Now they're toys with holes in their heads, since the keychain part has been removed. The dollhouse now has a tiny fuzzy seal and alligator watching TV, while a tiny dinosaur takes a bath and a tiny penguin eats muffins. It's actually painfully cute.

We've had the dollhouse since Christopher was 15 months, and he used to try to put the Fisher-Price twin babies into their cribs daily, always clubbing the mobiles off and knocking the cribs over. One day around 24 months, victory! Babies in cribs, cribs still upright.

6 months after that, I found a tiny toy airplane in the crib under a blanket instead. This part of kids amuses me greatly-- the things they love get put to bed with blankies over them, no matter what they are. When my daughter was 2, she'd have things being put to bed all over the house, except that she'd pull the blanket/handkerchief/Kleenex all the way over the things' faces. My husband used to joke that our house looked like a stuffed-animal morgue. :0

Happy Thursday! Ready for SPN repeats? This week I vow 1) DVD will record and 2) I will adjust the DVD timer for its timer creep problem so the ending of the ep is not cut off! Grrr...


Yes, we can make our own random!

Meme via missyjack and a bunch of other people:

Comment and I'll ask you five questions (Yes, I get to pick the questions!).

Mine were from missyjack:

1. Do you vote in elections?
Hellz yeah. Every one of them.

2. What's the longest you've ever grown your hair?
Just past my waist, 6th grade.

3. Shortest time you've ever been in a job?
Two weeks Christmas-season temp work at J.C. Penney's after college.

4. TV show you'd never admit to watching?
The A-Team. Oy, the stupid...

5. What supernatural entity would you like to see on SPN?