June 13th, 2007


Happy Birthday, destina!

The happiest of birthdays to dear destina, who came to the Supernatural fandom during this last year and has brought us humor, graciousness, a loving heart and wonderfully delicious stories.

Hope you're having a wonderful day, especially in the middle of a much-needed vacation! ♥
SN Lovers

SPN Olympics, and other news

I finished my story-- on time!-- for spn_heraea yesterday. It crept mightily for over a week, but I finally beat it down! God, my SPN muse needs thrashing-- most of the stories are a struggle to write.

For those who don't know, spn_heraea is an "SPN Olympics" competition of stories written for a series of prompts-- one entry per day by Team Angst and one by Team Schmoop. I could have gone either way, but Team Angst was full so I'm on the Schmoop List-- and we could use your voting help, as the angst automatically tends to seem more vivid/better to most readers (hence the theme of the Olympics). There are many truly fantastic authors participating(including f-list people! Hi!), and now that my story is finished I can read the others. Oh, yes. *happy sigh*

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Gardening: Argh! Trying to plant the backyard, and all those times I told contractors not to dump gravel in the garden area... La-la-la-la. :( Some areas had concrete removed but the supporting gravel left behind with dirt packed over it! I'm spending more time separating rocks out and rehabilitating the dirt than actually planting. Meanwhile, the temperatures went from Spring to Scorch overnight. :(

Running: Last week's run bombed out at about 3 miles because I went too fast and overheated. Monday night, I went out in low-90s heat (with fortification-- ice water, wet rag in sports bra, and cooling-pad on neck) and made myself go sloooowly. Four miles! Whoo! Especially in the heat, which is where this summer's headed. Only one more heat-beating measure, which is to soak the shirt before going out. Yick. I'm saving that for the high-90's heat. :(

How's everybody? Lost in reading Big Bang fics?