June 6th, 2007


Spiders, Sentinel, Skewing the Curve

Spiders in the bathtub: How do spiders that size get into the house? Or if they were already inside (!), where have they been hiding? This torments my arachnophobia.

The Sentinel: Found some worthwhile Slash for a change this weekend, by Alyjude. Read lots. :0 At least there's no animalistic biting or licking or naked co-sleeping or pheremone-fu seduction that its author is calling Gen. For contrast, see what I'll call Train-wreck 'verse, brought to my attention by klangely56. Ah, research... ;)

Weirdness meter: How many of us love that "slash" as an LJ Interest makes you "herdlike"? Only on Live Journal.

However, when I added a freaky fake interest of "panniculus phobia" (brought to mind by a certain scene in Borat, which... eye bleach!), my "uniqueness" level went from 0% to 3%. I'll just bet...