June 5th, 2007


Happy Birthday, miss_mandy!

I hope you have a wonderful day today, and that it's the beginning of a really great year for you.

I'm so pleased for you, with all of the deliberate steps you've taken to save up money and start in a new town later this summer. Fingers crossed for you, and lots of lucky thoughts.

Have a wonderful time with Julia and Elissa on your vacation, too. I'm certain that crack will come of it, one way or another, and you know that the three of you had better share... :D

God, I'm a Spambot. And a Sheep...

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I don't know whether to feel insulted or relieved. ;)

The part about trusting strangers is true... if you totally discount the fact that I post stuff on the Internet to begin with, but whatever.

0% unique is too strong a phrasing, definitely. My god, I wrote Godzilla and T-Bag riding off into the sunset! And Dean having sex with Sam while Sam was a horse!

My writing style is intellenctual/conventional (depends on the last posted entry) because I use capital letters and such, I suppose. Depends on which style. ;) Because if you consider the topic of some of the writing, well what about that Wincest Pirate AU Crackfic? Although the subject of that story was somebody else's idea...

Only 15%! *pouts* *Goes off to make Spork Castle on private time...*

I updated my LJ Interests with some actual interests, which increased my weirdness from 11% to 15%. The interests themselves were not particularly weird! Maybe it was adding "Hindemith" that did it. ;)