May 21st, 2007


Weekend In Review...

It's never quite what you expect, is it?

I had a post on Smarm picked up by metafandom, and had random visitors stop by all weekend. Some of the people I quite enjoyed, though now I'm afraid The Sentinel fandom is taking a lot of what I said rather personally, and it was never supposed to be a single-fandom discussion. *sigh*

Vision (the literal kind): We picked up Christopher's replacement glasses, and found that he needs a new prescription since September. This worries us, given my own past. I didn't get glasses until 3rd grade, when they shifted to the "E" chart in school, and I flunked the Big E. Long story, but basically I had a lot of compensating mechanisms because I didn't realize other people saw differently than I did. I thought I was just too stupid to figure out where, for instance, any letters whatsoever were in the eye doctor's office. I'd let my sister go first and memorize off of her voice. :(

Bottom line: 20/600 vision in 3rd grade, and nearly 9-diopters when I got LASIK surgery at age 40. I do not want that for Christopher. :(

Cycling: 30 miles on Saturday, nearly hit an adult quail (they run SO damn slow, and they never want to fly). Saw a mother and her baby, but the baby is still fuzzy and I don't think it has the deelie-bobber on the head yet. Maybe 3 more weeks to full cuteness...

The Ex: About 1/2 funny, and my favorite parts were Justin Bateman and (of course) Charles Grodin. A battle for dominance between two men, one of them evil and one of them just stupid at times. I had my hand over my eyes at some of the more social-train-wreck moments. Oy.

How's everyone else doing?

Oh, and-- I'm reading Jasper Fforde's The Eyre Affair, and came across a reference to the Forest of Dean in there. Which might be an actual place, but still... Hi, forestofdean! I thought of you. ;)