May 17th, 2007


Thursday! You'd think I'd be more ready...

Up until midnight finishing the display for my daughter's Science Fair project. These are mandatory from 1st grade onward now at her school (Why the hell?), and there was too much RL to finish last weekend. :(

Consequently, I had to tape Bones and also taped American Idol for Lauren. We've been watching it with her these last few weeks, and *stabbity rage* how is Melinda not in the Final Two? When she bends notes, it actually gives me chills. Jordin is a very good singer (great performer too, and very pretty), but Blake... The beat-boxing gets old, and he's just OK otherwise. Also not especially cute, so if teenagers are going to vote for the "cute boy," let him at least be worthy of it. Bye Melinda-- hope you pull down the bucks with your future albums, because I'd actually buy one.

Lost: I didn't pay much attention to this one, because it was a Hobbit-centered episode, and those are all So what for me. My husband came in mid-way:

HH: It's Batmanuel! He's really handsome, isn't he? Is he evil?
Me: He's probably evil-- it's hard to tell. He's one of The Others
HH: What about the bug-eyed guy next to him? (Ben)
Me: Definitely evil.

Batmanuel was a character on The Tick, which we and probably 6 other people in America watched. Oh, Patrick Warburton-- I am a slave to your humor. :D

Listened to Live's "Throwing Copper" while driving to work. I'm reminded that I so often don't like the more Mainstream music the way other people do. That album has a ton of hits on it (I skip over "Lightning Crashes," because I can't stand it anymore), and the ones I like are either the soft, slow unusual songs ("Dam at Otter Creek" and "Pillar of Davidson") or the more aggressive thrash sounds like "Iris" (best song on the album for me) or "The Stage." Turn up the volume!!!

So, hi everyone. Excited for the Supernatural finale? Worried? *wibble*


Happy Birthday tvm!

The happiest of birthday to dear Ginger (our own girlmostlikely), who brings graciousness and joy to the Supernatural fandom, and keeps the Sam-girl love alive!

I hope it was a wonderful day-- still today here in the States, so you're celebrating your birthday with us across two different days.

I did actually manage to write something for you! It's here. Hope you like it. :) ♥