May 16th, 2007


Hapy Birthday, aeroport_art!

Hope you're having a wonderful day, Li, as you come down to the wire on your degree and prepare for the next big thing. Many hugs and happy returns, and I hope there's cake and good alcohol in your future!

Meanwhile, if there's a ficlet request you have in mind, plz let me know. Might be just the inspiration I need to kick something out. :)

"How I spent my Mother's Day vacation..."

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Monday on the bike path: world's slowest little brown bunny that I nearly hit, and coyote pups! Adult quail, but no little egg-shaped babies yet. :(

My office's annual Fun-Run: I broke 28 minutes on the 5K, which is a shocker-- I've been struggling with 10-minute miles for months.

Last Night's "House": First time ever I've rooted for a patient to die. What an ass! This is the kind of kid military school is made for. :0