April 24th, 2007


It's "House M.D." Day!

I am full of random today, I warn you. :0

I wrote and posted an Mpreg Supernatural story for clex_monkie89's birthday, and it was not Crack! How does that happen to me? Remember the Wincest Pirate AU stories? At least this story was funny-- and an entertaining misadventure. Go, Clex!

Started up another round of the Prison Break Fic Exchange this weekend. Signups are here, and run only through April 30. This will give writing and posting time before my Summer Vacation, hence the sudden rush. Over 10 participants so far, including some Round 3 returnees we didn't see last time. I also discovered some new comms, namely crack_pie (Kellerman/Sara) and magnificentpaul (for the actor who plays Kellerman, everyone's favorite Chuckleheaded Sociopath).

Last night's 24: Collapse )

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Also? My family_secret story is done. BUT... I'm waiting to post it until later in the week, when a certain someone has a birthday. :) Yes, I finished a birthday fic early for a change!